The Incredi-Frame

We're back at Pixar Pier again today, as we kind of partially explore California Adventure's refurbished former Paradise Pier.  The area is dedicated to all things Pixar, with four "neighborhoods" themed to a different aspect of Pixar Property.  Much of the land retains the Victorian aesthetic brought on by Paradise Pier, but certain parts, like the Incredibles neighborhood, deviate.  So when you have an angle of the Victorian Lamplight Lounge--an anchor of the Pixar Pier entrance area--wrapped by a mid-centurty modern arch that has the Incredibles to boot, it makes for a fun juxtaposition.  Some might even say... an incredible one.

Okay, probably no one is saying that, but I still like the perspective!

The archway entrance into the Incredicoaster plaza frames a nice angle of the Lamplight Lounge across the water.


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