Inside the Broadway Theater

The exterior of the Broadway Music Theater in the American Waterfront is gorgeous enough that if it was a facade, it would be a perfectly lovely fit into the grandeur of Tokyo Disney Sea.  But it's more than a facade.  There is an actual theater inside, and it is lavish and elegant.  With warm wood tones and detail murals outlining the interior furnishings, this theme park attraction really feels like stepping foot into an actual show theater.  It is also where Big Band Beat is found--an incredible live dance and jazz performance that sees Mickey, Minnie, and a few of their friends bring the classic big band swing tunes of the 1930s to dazzling life.  This show is so popular that it requires a lottery for most of the seats, but it's definitely a can't miss.  And within such a beautiful theater, the show becomes even more special!

The grand lobby of the Broadway Music Theater.

The auditorium inside.

Sitting near the front, centered.

The interior is beautiful.

It's impressive that so much detail was layered onto a theme park attraction.

No photos of the show are allowed inside, and a lottery is required for orchestra level seating after the first show of the day.  Standby lines for the first show and balcony seating can frequently run one or two hours long!


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