Arabian Streets

One of my favorite pastimes when I travel is exploring a new location by getting lost and trying to find my way back.  It's fun to go off the beaten path and see the true heart and essence of a city, and though I don't exclusively do this on my travels (I do enjoy tourist-y things too), I definitely enjoy my chances to do so. 

At Tokyo Disney Sea, the Arabian Coast reminds me of such excursions.  Its winding and intimate streets are full of colorful textures and sights, and strolling through them often feels like exploring a new locale.  Of course, Disney Sea's Arabian Coast a romanticized and sanitized version of the Middle Eastern locales that inspire it.  But the cozy street space that wraps its way through the area retain a convincingly similar feel, and it works pretty well to transport guests to a whole new world!

Tokyo Disney Sea's Arabian Coast has streets that echo the vibe of Aladdin's Agrabah. 


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