Luigi's Casa della Tires

"Ti piace, eh? Si, si, bellissimo."

In the nighttime glow of neon, Luigi's Casa della Tires certainly makes a beautiful sight. With its Leaning Tower of Tires, wonderful stringed lights, and friendly facade, Luigi's is cozy and inviting.  Behind this building lies (or, rather, flies) Luigi's Flying Tires, a ride that harkens to the old flying saucers ride in 1960s Tomorrowland.  But before you ride, you must first tour Luigi's shop, complete with posters of some of the most famous Cars races (European, of course), all sorts of brands of tires on display, and postcards and souvenirs from some of Luigi and Guido's fantastic travels.

And it's all within Luigi's Casa della Tires--a beautiful sight indeed.

Up close with the Leaning Tower of Tires.
Luigi's Casa della Tires at night, with the Courthouse in the background.


  1. I really liked this idea of making tower from tires. It looks really cool and is ofcourse, very different and unique. Overall, this place looks fab!


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