Stanley's Oasis

In the movie Cars, Radiator Springs is seen in great detail. But what was never really touched upon (in the feature film) was how the "Gateway to Ornament Valley" was founded.  Cut from the movie was a snippet detailing the sojourn of Stanley, the town's founder, and how he came to found the town that eventually became home to Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, and the rest of the gang.

Fortunately, the Disney Imagineers were able to find a way to incorporate this left out detail within the design of Radiator Springs Racers.  Guests waiting to board will, at one point, pass by the original radiator spring.  Next to it is a sign, which reads:

On this site in the summer of 1909, Stanley, exploring out west, overheated as his radiator water boiled away. Coasting into the shade, he happened upon a life-saving natural spring. Upon this most fortunate discovery, Stanley founded the first settlement in Ornament Valley, and in honor of the oasis, christened it Radiator Springs.

It's a wonderful little detail that never made it into the movie, yet now has a home in 3D form.  Little pieces like this pretty little fountain area--a nice respite on a warm day--are part of what make Cars Land special, and one of the best works Walt Disney Imagineering has produced to date!

Guests in line stroll by Stanley's Oasis, home of the original Radiator Spring!


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