Cap and Cadillacs

A little over a week ago, I remarked how, when standing in certain parts of Cars Land, the perception of being in a theme park dissolves away, and you start to feel like you're truly in the rugged Southwest.  Well, here's another shot that conveys the same feeling.

This one features part of the Radiator Cap--the first turnaround in the racing part of Radiator Springs Racers--and part of the Cadillac Range behind.  Once again, as the rockwork envelopes you, these immensely large theme rocks start to take on a more authentic feel, and if it wasn't for the thematic associations with the movie, Cars, it would be as though you were far, far away from Anaheim.

Stuff like this is exactly why I fell in love with Disney parks in the first place. But it's one thing to suspend disbelief as a child. To accomplish this for adults--that's truly magical.

Part of the Radiator Cap and the Cadillac Range beyond.


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