Racing Through Wonderland

At the very beginning of the Radiator Springs Racer's ride, Sheriff comes on the radio, provides final safety instructions, and wishes you well on a great ride through "nature's wonderland."  And indeed, it very much is a wonderland.  The rich, red rocks echoing the American Southwest, the desert greenery, and the blazing blue skies all create a sense of beautiful bewilderment for those first setting foot in the incredible Ornament Valley.  As I've said repeatedly, the atmosphere is wholly immersive.

The rockwork of Ornament Valley.

It's still incredible when zipping around at 45 MPH too.  Even during its racing part, Radiator Springs Racers does not fail to surround riders with beauty.  Around every high banked turn is a fantastic angle, and it all adds up to a magnificent themed land--among the best the Imagineers have ever produced!

Going through the final turn of the ride, after the finish line.


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