A Groovy Snack Shack

Fillmore's Taste-In is the main snack vendor at Cars Land and home to some of the healthier options in the area.  One of the first sights coming down the main street of Radiator Springs, Fillmore's offers fresh fruit, juices, chips, cookies, assorted beverages, and a variety of other snacks.  As Fillmore might say, it's some "organic fuel" for the road.

At night, though, this little stand undergoes a psychedelic transformation, lighting up with a series of gnarly and glowing color transitions.  It's kind of spacey, but it sure gives a natural high, just seeing the lighting slowly morph from one hue to the next.  What a groovy little spot along Disney's version of Route 66!

Fillmore's Taste-In at night, in all its glowy glory.


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