Willy's Butte

After a colorful and glowing hiatus, we now return you to some more Cars Land photos!

In the movie Cars, a pivotal moment is when Lightning McQueen faces off against Doc Hudson in a dirt race.  Lightning is young, spry, and fast, but Doc is seasoned with experience, and when they come upon a turnaround near the end of their "course," Doc drifts around with ease, turning "right to go left," while Lightning spirals out of control and tumbles into a ditch.

That iconic moment has been recreated in the Radiator Springs Racers ride, as the last turnaround before the finish line during the race part of the ride.  And what a recreation it is!  Situated off the dramatic Pacific Wharf entrance to Cars Land, Willy's Butte stands tall and proud, anchoring the final leg of the course.  Beyond, the gorgeous waterfall encountered during Lightning and Sally's drive out to Ornament Valley cascades down the fantastic rockwork.  It is a most awe-inspiring scene, and quite a photo spot for all guests who pass by!

The magnificent rockwork of Cars Land envelopes the Radiator Springs race course.
Cars zip around Willy's Butte on the final turn of the race.

A closer look at the waterfall glimpsed in Lightning and Sally's drive.


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