A Splash of Color

Last month, after a special annual passholder viewing of World of Color with the Glow with the Show ears tossed in for free, the park did something rather magical. They kept the colorful fountains of World of Color running for a good twenty minutes after the post-show mini-performance had ended.  This is not an occurrence that happens regularly, and it drew gasps and many, many photos from the members of the audience that had remained.

World of Color's post-show fountains.
What was stunning was the simple, pristine beauty of the show's concept: color and waters.  Sure, that sounds tame, but when executed with cutting edge LED's and finely tuned fountain jets, the results were simply spectacular.  It was an appreciated little gift to the fans from the designers, who may be the biggest fans of all.


  1. Awesome pics Albert! Thanks again for letting K and I enjoy the show with you and Anna.

  2. Thanks for hanging out with us! My philosophy is always The More The Merrier!


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