Citizens of Buena Vista Street: Phiphi the Photographer

This is the second in a series that will focus on the characters of Buena Vista Street.

Over on Buena Vista Street, there's a character I can relate to--a lot!  Her name is Phiphi, and she is a photographer. And what a fabulous photog she is!  She spends much of her time looking for her next great subject, and she will not hesitate to stop guests in their tracks so that they can be captured in photographic glory!  It's quite interesting too, since Phiphi herself is dressed to the nines.

Beyond that, Phiphi is a friendly lady to boot and is always quite engaging and interested in how you are doing and how you're enjoying the day.  And if you are a fellow photographer, she may even inquire into your equipment and your work.  Of course, she's not quite as familiar with the newer models, but not to worry. Her vintage camera does the job well!

And as such, it's always a pleasure to run into a most welcoming citizen of Buena Vista Street! 
Phiphi strikes a pose and gives a wave.


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