A Tale of Two V8 Cafes

Flo's V8 Cafe is Cars Land's premiere dining destination, with delicious plated dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on cuisine inspired by the rugged westward cultures around Route 66.

By day, the restaurant is friendly and inviting, with cheerful colors and a bopping vibe, beckoning hungry guests like a roadstop gas station would beckon weary cars.  By night, Flo's transforms into a sleek melding of sexy neon and cool curves.  Brightly lit and impossible to miss, Flo's is abuzz with energy and atmosphere. It's the happening spot to be.

You've probably seen this view many times before, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the day and night shots next to each other.  Each is gorgeous in its own way. Which do you like better?

Looking toward the entrance of Flo's V8 Cafe during the daytime.
Flo's nighttime transformation.


  1. Wowoooo. Especially love the contrast the neon pineapples bring out. As always, amazing pics, Master Lam.

    1. Uh, this is Dennis, btw. Don't know why it's not posting me.


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