A Heavenly Wish

Being both a photographer and a regular visitor of the Disneyland Resort, I'm always striving to find new and interesting perspectives from within the park to capture.  It's something I think all Disney park fan photographer seek, so we're always keeping our eyes peeled for just that special moment or angle that turns a familiar scene into a unique one.

But sometimes, luck factors in, and you just run into one without expecting it. Such an occasion happened last Saturday night, when I was photographing after park closing with a few fellow Disney fan photographers.  Walking back toward Main Street from Fantasyland, I decided to veer off toward Snow White's Wishing Well, and as I turned the corner around the castle walkway, I came upon a most wondrous sight.  The well, in the distance, was lit with an angelic glow, echoing the purity of Snow White, and the shimmering reds, violets, magentas, and navy blues of the seven dwarves statuettes created an ethereal scene.  I knew instantly that I wanted to capture that moment of discovery, for though I had walked this path many times before, I don't ever recall coming across it at night from this vantagepoint, and that moment of gasped amazement was special. 

I knew that I would have to shoot this scene from afar.  So, setting up my camera with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens back as far as I could along the turn of the pathway, I turned and aimed and focused on the well, to create a composition that glowed with that same brand of pixie dust that has become ingrained in Disney lore.  Hopefully, I did the scene some justice. What do you think?

Snow White's Wishing Well glows with magic, late at night.


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