Soarin' to the Future

If rumors are to be believed, Soarin' Over California will be receiving a facelift in the not-too-distant future.  New footage was recently shot over the Disneyland Resort, and there have been whisperings of updated scenes and high definition projection.  Whether these are true, or what parts are true, I can't really say. But I will say that I'm excited by the prospect of the updates. 

Soarin' was a huge step forward in the motion simulator experience when it opened with Disney California simply because it was so huge. But in that time, high definition has evolved leaps and bounds, and the central premise of the ride--a visual spectacular across this great state--has grown a bit technologically stale.  It's still a great ride, but with televisions now being offered in the 4k range, it doesn't wow as much compared to before.  I have good faith that the upcoming improvements will change that, though, whenever they come!

Soarin' Over California on a sunny summer day.


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