A Thunderous Return

Last Thursday, I made a post about Big Thunder Mountain, because I hadn't had the opportunity to do so in over a year, and mentioned that it was bound to return soon. Well, it seems that no sooner did that post go public than Disney announced officially that the iconic attraction would be reopening to the general public on Monday, March 17th.

Yes, the work walls are finally down after fourteen long months.  Over the weekend, official Cast Member previews commenced, and this upcoming weekend, Annual Passholders will have their chance to ride this revamped runaway mine train!  Over the past year, the roller coaster track has been entirely replaced, resulting in a buttery smooth ride.  All the scenes and sets have been refurbished, with new paint and spiffied up animatronics.  And most excitingly, a new scene has been installed towards the end of the ride with fantastic new special effects.  So welcome back, Big Thunder Mountain!  It's sure great to have you back!

Nightfall on the final turnaround on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

A closeup of the waterfalls and the turn into the cave.


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