Mechanical Kingdoms

Recently, the Disney Gallery updated its exhibits with a feature on Disney re-imagined in Steampunk.  Now, the company might be a little late with its embrace of this style, since it seems to have been a sort of trend in counter-culture for many years, now, but the artwork is by no means any less creative.  Disney characters have been reimagined in Steampunk form.  In addition, Disney park concepts that relate to mechanized visions have been put on display.  The result is another fun gallery of novel tapestries of art.

Here are a few of the works on display.

The entry foyer showcases a large amount of artwork for this Mechanical Kingdoms exhibit.

This room is mainly devoted to Disney characters reinvented in Steampunk settings.

Donald and Daisy in a Steampunk submarine.

Scrooge McSteampunk and his nephews, perhaps?

I thought this Steampunk iteration of Pirates of the Caribbean was quite interesting.

In the adjacent gallery space, next to the Disneyland Opera House, park-related props and artwork was set up.

This and the previous photo showcase vehicles utilized in Tokyo DisneySea.

An interesting contraption here, to say the least!

A theme park concept DisneySea's Discover Bay never quite realized.

Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland has a Jules Vernean twist on the future, which relates to the theme.

More conceptual art that never materialized in real theme park form, but is still intriguing!

More concepts from Tokyo DisneySea.

An underwater fantasy mixed into science fiction.
More Jules Vernean imagery to fancy the imagination.

And a western flavor with the concept of industrialized machination.


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