A Quick Pit Stop

Remember when gas was cheap?  Well, just how cheap depends on how old you are.  I am old enough to recall when gas was under a dollar, and leaded gasoline was still sold at gas stations.  Of course, the generation above mine can boast of gas costing half of that in their time.  But I imagine that very few can recall gas being as cheap as the price in the photo below. 

Nowadays, we are firmly entrenched in the three or four dollar per gallon range, with little likelihood of ever returning to the olden days.  But I suppose that's what makes elements like this little gas pump in Condor Flats nostalgic.  Like its older neighbor, Disney California Adventure is a celebration of our treasured past as much as it is a heightened sense of fantasy.  The play upon warm feelings and wistful recollection is what Disney parks do best!

There are many gas pumps at DCA, but this was the original!


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