Profile of a River

For this photo, I thought I'd take a different approach than my usual, brightly exposed, vivid, smoothly crisp compositions.  The past few times I've been to Disneyland, I've chased the sunset in hopes for spectacular looking scenes. More often than not, the timing hasn't worked out. But on this day, I decided that to emphasize the changing hues of the sky, I would underexpose the photo to capture as much radiance above the horizon as possible.  Then, in the editing room, I removed even more detail in the foreground.  The result is something simple, but I kind of like it!

The setting sun casts the Rivers of America into silhouette.
Do you have a preference for photos of this style vs the usual look found on this blog?  Do you have any requests for specific scenes or details or times of the day?  Feel free to contribute your voice in the comments box!


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