Castle Snapshots

On Instagram, my photos of Sleeping Beauty Castle generally seem to garner the most "likes."  I don't think this is necessarily a reflection of my own photographic skill--I just think people love pictures of the castle, and any shot of Disneyland's icon conjures up those wonderful memories of the Happiest Place on Earth so much that it's pretty much impossible not to like it.  That's how indelible the first "weenie" of Disneyland has become. 

As a reflection of this, below are a series of photos I shot of the castle a couple of weeks ago.  Of note here is that these were all shot freehand--that is, without the use of a tripod. Thanks to a very fast prime lens (my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4), I could open the aperture very wide and thus not require an exceptionally long shutter speed. This in turn allowed me to properly expose a photo without fear of camera shake.  Because it's not always feasible to set up a big tripod in the middle of the park, just to get that one shot!

A nearly side angle of Sleeping Beauty Castle, with the Matterhorn in the background.

A three quarter profile of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

And of course, the iconic straight-on shot!
Questions about my camera equipment or my process?  Check out the Equipment page, or lob a comment, and I'll be sure to reply back with an answer!


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