A Rumbling Mine Train

It's really nice to have Big Thunder Mountain Railroad back. That whole area of the park was much too quiet during the year plus that the ride was under refurbishment. But now that that things are up and running again, the familiar screams of excitement echo throughout this nook of Frontierland. 

The refurbishment has also brought a beautiful fresh new coat of paint on the theming, and the mining town of Big Thunder has been rebuilt and re-christened as Rainbow Ridge, in honor of the attraction that occupied this area decades ago, before Big Thunder Mountain came along.  Everything is quite lovely, and the return of the attraction also means guests get to return back to the exciting times of the Wild West, when railroad was king, and harrowing adventure lurked around every corner!

A mine train rolls into the station after the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Prospective riders wait for a train as the beautiful buttes of Big Thunder stand in the background.

Train #7 rolls through the charming town of Rainbow Ridge.

Making that final turn back to the station.

Rocketing down a helix comes engine #3!


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