A Rainy Christmas Evening at Pacific Wharf

The last time it rained while I was at the Disneyland Resort, it was last year, in April.  And since then, though it has rained at the Resort, it has always been when I wasn't there, or I didn't arrive until the ground had dried up.

Well, this past Sunday night, it rained, and pretty decently.  And I... finally had the chance to go to Disneyland to take more rainy evening shots, this time during the holiday season!  I had just come out of my local mall after some Christmas shopping when I noticed the drizzle, and while I had actually planned on going to the Disneyland Resort anyway to do more holiday shopping, I soon realized that I had a golden opportunity to get some rare nighttime shots in the rain.

Although my detour home took longer than desired, I ended up arriving at a perfect opportunity--after the rain had passed but before the ground had dried.  Thus, I spent several hours wandering around the Resort snapping photos wherever I could under these unique and very accommodating circumstances--getting rainy shots without having to get my glasses wet.

This is one of the HDR exposures I got, but you'll see more before this holiday season is done!

A December rainstorm brought some showers to DCA on a cold December night.


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