New Orleans Noel in Adventureland

It may surprise some to hear that at Tokyo Disneyland, there is no New Orleans Square, there is simply Adventureland.  But wait, there's an Adventureland in Disneyland too!  Yes, but in this case, what comprises New Orleans Square here is simply a part of Adventureland over there.  Either to consolidate themes or because the attractions in New Orleans Square impart a sense of adventure (true--after all, Pirates!), at Tokyo Disneyland, Adventureland includes the Crescent City themed land. 

The actual Orleans Part of this ends up being a little bizarre too, because it's the New Orleans Square before Disneyland's Club 33 remodel last year.  So this feels like a blast from the past.  But it's also kind of cool in my opinion.  You get to relive a bit of history!

Pirates of the Caribbean sits just off Main Street and is not surrounded by any bridge or change in elevation.

The Blue Bayou is here, but Club 33 is not. 

Instead, 33 Royal Street is actually Cristal Arts (not Cristal d'Orleans) in Tokyo!

No Court of Angels here either, because there's no Club 33 in this area (but there is a Club 33 elsewhere in the park!).

Rounding back out the other side.

The Christmas decorations aren't quite as lavish here, but they're still rather nice.


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