Passing the Holidays at Pacific Wharf

The recent rains have enabled me to do something I've never been able to do--take rainy night shots that are also Christmas night shots.  Two things that photographers love, because of the wonderful and colorful and luminous atmospheres that they provide, combined into one, all at a Disney park!

Shooting Pacific Wharf at night is always relaxing too, because it is generally pretty quiet and deserted, even well before park closing.  With no actual rideable attractions, this isn't exactly surprising.  But I'll take the easier photo ops where I can get them.  And I figured that the peacefulness of Pacific Wharf would set some nice photographic ambiance on this Christmas Eve!

A peaceful reflection on the water, plus a "Christmas tree" buoy.

Lucky Fortune Cookery is always photogenic at night, especially after rain, especially with Christmas lights.

The lights string across to Pacific Wharf Cafe.

Cocina Cucamonga features some festive decorations for Navidad as well!


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