The Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare

At Tokyo Disneyland, the Haunted Mansion is similarly transformed into a Nightmare Before Christmas overlay during the holiday season.  Unlike Disneyland California, though, this one has a slightly different name: The Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare.  Jack has wrecked the halls here, but it's a little bit different.  And seeing as how Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted mansion is more similar to the Walt Disney World version, this overlay gives you a sense of how Florida's Mansion might look like decked out for Halloween and Christmas.  Here are 30 photos to illustrate the point...

The moon peeks out over the trees at the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare!
The loading station is a little bit different than in Anaheim, but still decorated.
The Library has been decked out by Zero, tinsel and all!
Love that little ghost dog reindeer!
Further on, Sally sits by a piano played by Vampire Teddy.

Zero gets all the snacks.
Vampire Teddy sits on top of a present that awaits Christmas Day.
No, he's not going to let that poor soul out.
A Tokyo wreath that guests should avoid getting caught in its teeth.
Madame Leota's parlor has a different feel, as Lock, Shock, and Barrel have infiltrated the seance.
Leota still conducts her holiday supernatural spree, though!
Onto the haunted dining hall / ballroom.
Jack and Sally exchange presents.
The attic is filled with familiar naught toys...
...for all the unsuspecting girls and boys
Exiting the attic, we come upon the woods outside.
Vampire Teddy has his own illuminating ideas for holiday decoration.
Jack has bestowed upon the graveyard a layer of ghostly white snow!
And Sandy Claws is thrilled!
Zero seems to share the sentiment.
The ghostly chorus plays in the graveyard.
A jack-o-lantern Christmas tree is up for display!
The operatic spirits engage in the familiar tune.
And hark these ghoulish angels sing!
Or, well, trumpet.
In place of Oogie Boogie / Hitchhiking Ghosts, Lock, Shock, and Barrel have taken up residence.
And as guests exit, they spot Sally waiting for Sandy Claws to make his return.


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