A Tokyo Toontown Christmas

Christmas Day may have passed, but with the holiday season still officially in effect, I'm going to keep on posting yuletide photos--especially since I have so many of them this year from multiple parks!

Today, we venture to Tokyo Disneyland again and check out their Toontown.  It's basically a clone of Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, but a whole lot nicer.  Mostly, this is because Tokyo hasn't let painting and maintenance lapse like they have here in the States.  As a result, Toontown looks fresh, vibrant, and lively.  It doesn't hurt that the Japanese pack this part of Tokyo Disneyland like they do all other parts of the park. 

Tokyo Disney provides a festive welcome to Toontown!
For Christmas, decorations have appeared everywhere.  But they're not gaudy or overly done.  Rather, they're a nice, decorative trim that seems to harmonize with the already wacky architecture of Toontown, giving it a casual Christmas feel.  It's nice, actually, and very cozy feeling.

Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House is decorated with a big wreath and tinsel.

Mickey's Fountain is unadorned...

But Mickey's House beyond has a nice set of holiday decorations.
The decorations take on the personalities of their respective residences--some silly, some friendly, and some a little zany. But they're all pretty fun and cartoonishly photogenic.

Donald's Boat is rather literal with its Christmas wishes.

it comes complete with giant stocking and wishes.
Over in the uptown part of Toontown, the decorations remain more subtle.  They're not splashed everywhere, but they're definitely noticeable upon second glance.  A few wreaths here, a bit of garland there.  The Christmas decorations are secondary to the land, and again, it all feels very nice and properly stated.

A fountain in front of Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin--a bit different from ours, though.

Strolling through town.

The Power House is probably a good bet to light up all these Christmas decorations at night.

It's a beautiful golden day at Tokyo Disneyland's Toontown!
So that's a quick look at Toontown, and it happens to be during the holidays.  I was very impressed with the upkeep when I visited last month, and it was heartening to see how well this area has held up--though this made me a little depressed about the condition of Toontown at home.  Perhaps there's hope, though.  If our Toontown survives the Star Wars Land expansion, it's likely to get its own fresh coat of paint and fresh life.  And then it can look like this!


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