A Colorful Beginning

I've seen the Paint the Night Parade over half a dozen times now, and it continues to be wildly enchanting. With a bouncy and catchy beat, beautiful lights, and spectacular visuals, this parade is absolutely captivating, and like the chorus goes, I find myself wondering "When can we do this again?"

My multiple viewings have provided a good amount of photo ops, so I'm starting a series that concentrates on each segment of the parade. First up is the very start of the spectacular, with an entrance by Tinker Bell and her fairies and Peter Pan riding a large drum float announcing the arrival of the parade.

Accompanied by the earworm of a theme song (done by Owl City), dancing fairies herald the arrival of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell is joined by her Pixie Hollow friends, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Silvermist.

The fairies greet the crowd and interact with the guests.

The joy and expressions in the performers are captivating.

It's wonderful seeing how into their roles each of the actors are.

Tinker Bell soars and swoops around, all lit up.

She is quite cheerful.

I love this pose.

She has some fantastic expressions that are fun to photograph.

I love the lights.
Tink is immediately followed by Peter Pan on a large light drum reminiscent of the old Main Street Electrical Parade.
It's a vivid and beautiful start to a gorgeous parade.
Click here for part two of this series!


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