A Fireworks Fantasy Forever

Last week, I started posting some photos of Disneyland's spectacular new 60th annivesary fireworks show, Disneyland Forever.  Well, that continues with some more photos today.  I've mentioned before that fireworks haven't been my strong suit, but I think I'm getting a little better with my timing and shots.  Some highlights are still blown out, but it's definitely pretty cool getting these "empty castle" shots with the pyros going off in behind!

Tinker Bell soars over the castle near the beginning of the show to kick off the pyrotechnic festivities.

The fireworks action gets pretty intense!
I love the mix of different types of fireworks.
Lighting painting by default!
The projections on the castle are wonderful too, of course.
Transitioning after The Jungle Book segment.
And then The Lion King arrives!
You may notice projections on the Matterhorn as well!
Mount Wannahockaloogie erupts.
It's all quite the dazzling spectacular!


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