Mickey's Kingdom

Sparkly and luminous, the 60th Anniversary version of Sleeping Beauty Castle dazzles at night.  It's an even more elegant and spectacular version of the winter castle.  But with this new look has come a surge in popularity of nighttime photos in front of the castle, especially now that they've left the spotlights dramatically lighting up the skies above Fantasyland.  So I haven't been able to just wait the crowd out.  As an alternative, I've taken more carefully framed shots to get people out of the frame.  In the example below, I used a telephoto to really make Mickey pop, draping him with a field of bokeh from the castle.

One of these days, I'll just go ahead and wait well past park closing and hope I get friendly security and cooperative crowds who leave the scene with enough time for me to get my shots.  But until then, enjoy shots like this.

Mickey Mouse stands in front of 60th Anniversary castle bokeh.


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