Retour à Plaza Gardens

Disneyland Paris seems to be a more charming version of all the other Magic Kingdoms, and its Main Street is no exception.  As I've mentioned before, its anchor restaurant at the edge of The Hub, Plaza Gardens, is absolutely lovely.  The atmosphere really recalls a wonderful Victorian setting, and given the history of the country, this seems pretty fitting. But the Imagineers couldn't simply recreate. After all, in Europe, the real thing already holds so much emotional, historic, and monumental weight. No, for Disneyland Paris, the Imagineers had to veer into a mix of inspiration and dream.  So the Plaza Gardens brings extra flourishes, like a storybook.  The trims, detailing, and architectural texture come together to create something memorable, and those recollections are firmly embedded in my mind as souvenirs of a wonderful vacation.

It's quite lovely in front of Plaza Gardens on a golden afternoon.


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