Around the Storybook

As much as I like capturing the wide, expansive vistas that can be found everywhere at Disneyland, I also enjoy the challenge of honing on details or certain frames to get a unique angle.  It takes a more focused eye to pick out these spots, and sometimes I don't find them, and sometimes I do.  In the case of the scene below, I happened to nice the angle by turning back when exiting Storybook Land and noticing how the curve of the water, the Monstro around the corner, and the Carousel all seems to generate a visual interest.  I also knew that this could only be a shot attained by a telephoto, as a wide angle would lose the compression of the scene needed to keep the eye moving across it.  So I asked a cast member if I could stand on the public side of the gate, snapped a few shots, and came up with this!

Looking toward King Arthur's Carrousel from the far end of dock of Storybook Land.


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