World of Color, World of Pride

(If your political or social leanings run far right, you may just want to skip to the pretty pictures.)

On Friday, the Supreme Court issued a landmark 5-4 decision that ruled state laws banning same sex marriage to be unconstitutional, paving the way for same sex couples in all states to get married.  This was a fantastic day and a monumental occasion for civil rights.  My Facebook wall was flooded with messages of love and support, not to mention a whole lot of color!  So it seemed appropriate to end my visit at World of Color, which celebrates dreams and happiness created for all people, and uses a lot of, well, color!

After the the main show, there is a post-show of fountains that occurs as people are leaving.  It's pretty and peaceful, but it has its own tag, when the fountains burst into cornucopia of color in one final dazzling flourish.  Knowing this would happen, I wandered down to the front row to snap some very colorful photos.  It felt symbolic and representative to post in support of all my gay friends who finally are being afforded equal rights to take part in an institution that celebrates their love.  We're all entitled to the right of happiness, and when it doesn't hurt others, there's no reason to deny a group of people something that everyone else has the right to.


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