Entering Vulcania

When you look at the facade of this restaurant, what kind of an eatery do you imagine this to be?  Does it look like an ornate entrance to a fancy sitdown with multiple course meals?  Perhaps it's a high quality purveyor of fine gourmet cuisines, located in the most epic part of the most beautiful theme park in the world.  With a name like Vulcania, there must be an elaborate tie-in to the geologically active surroundings, which are so incredibly detailed that the flagship restaurant of this land must be an exquisite dining establishment.  And perhaps you might even be tempted to just move onto to find nourishment somewhere else that doesn't look so pompous, because surely a meal will cost a pretty penny and eat into precious time in the park.

Well... you'd be wrong.  Vulcania is actually a quick serve restaurant featuring Chinese cuisine, and it's nothing like a Blue Bayou or Carthay Circle Restaurant at all.

And I'm still kicking myself for never venturing in to just see what the menu was and enjoy a much more casual meal than expected there.  

Next time... next time...

The entrance to Vulcania at Tokyo Disney Sea.


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