Sunset on Paradise

On this Throwback Thursday, we roll back eight years ago, to a time before Pixar Pier.  Back then, this sunny stretch of California Adventure waterfront went by its original name, Paradise Pier, and it celebrated the classic beachside amusement parks of yesteryear.  Breezy, golden, and relaxing in vibe despite the adrenaline-filled attractions that wrapped around it, Paradise Pier started off as more of a Coney Island vibe and gradually moved up in elegance, with refurbishments here and there--most significantly when Toy Story Midway Mania was added.  Though the Victorian seaside pier ambiance was never fully completed, what was there was certainly charming and delightful.  And when the sun was making its way toward the horizon, and that wonderful magic hour radiance was starting to set in, Paradise Pier was a corner of DCA that really lived up to its monicker! 

Sunset over Paradise Pier once upon a time.


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