From Harbor to Waterfront

The incredible grandeur of Tokyo Disney Sea plays out in so many views.  Each vista and perspective brings about a more and more gorgeous composition, and this "Sea of Dreams" truly transports guests to fabulous, fantastical, and fairytale ports of call around the world.  The two most sprawling are Mediterranean Harbor and American Waterfront--neighbors in the park, and stretching across the most amount of seaside frontage of all the themed lands in the park.  Though they comprise two very different parts of the world, the Imagineers have somehow made them able to blend with each other in pleasant and non-jarring ways.  This is especially prevalent in the seafaring view below, where both feature towers, ships, and sumptious architecture coming together in a frame that complements each other quite well.  It's a testament to the supreme level of place-making in this theme park and the exquisite beauty of every little detail at Tokyo Disney's incredible second gate!

A view across the bay from Fortress Explorations to the American Waterfront at Tokyo Disney Sea!


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