The Classic Railroad Station

It is a classic sight: the railroad station at Main Street, U.S.A., rising beyond the Mickey Mouse floral arrangement at Disneyland Park, signalling the approaching transition from the land of today to the land of nostalgia, fantasy, adventure, and tomorrow.  The Main Street Station has been the iconic first building that guests glimpse upon coming through the turnstiles (and, really, even before they enter the turnstiles).  Its brick facade and steeped roofs with American flag billowing high above harken a charming iteration of yesteryear Americana, back when things seemed simpler and more classic.  

Of course, that's not necessarily true; each era in history has had its complicated challenges--to be replaced by other complexities once one is solved.  But we as human beings can't help but look back to the past and paint it with rosier glasses than it was at the time.  But in some ways, perhaps it's an acknowledgement that the problems of a time weren't quite as bad as they seemed, because we made it through them, and we've emerged more experienced because of it. 

Whatever the case, our sense of nostalgia remains strong, and images like this help reinforce those warm, fuzzy memories of good days past.

The Main Street Station of the Disneyland Railroad is the first sight everyone sees upon entering Disneyland.


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