Music Time!

Walt Disney Studios theme park in Paris is premised on a tour of a movie studio and backlot--a borrowing of the concept of Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida.  For it's entrance, however, the park has guests make their way through a "Frontlot" courtyard area before strolling through Disney Studio 1, a covered space that acts as the park's de facto "Main Street."  This lane references classic Hollywood and evokes the vibes of Sunset Boulevard, so as the park's entrance area, it makes sense that there may be some entertainers providing ambiance and mood for guests making their way through.  And there is.  When I visited last time, I caught a bit of a performance from Music Time!, which was playing jazzy holiday music for the festive seasonal occasion.  They were smooth and enjoyable, and they actually allowed me to take a pause and just enjoy the moment.  And that was pretty nice, all things considered!

A jazz band plays a lovely tune on a winter's day in Walt Disney Studios Paris.


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