Snow White's Former Scary Adventures

Yesterday, the Disneyland Resort officially opened its parks for the first time since March of last year--the final resort to reopen following COVID-19 shutdowns.  Although the parks won't be at full capacity or full operations for a while, there are some new sights to behold, and one of them is the Snow White attraction in Fantasyland, which has been given a makeover with new special effects and revamped scenes, a renovation of the exterior facade, and even a new name: Snow White's Enchanted Wish.  I haven't been to the park yet to document the new iteration, and I may not for a little while.  But to commemorate things, I decided to post a photo of the old Snow White ride building, with a more sinister tinge to it!

The Evil Queen peers down onto Fantasyland in this photo of the previous facade of the Snow White ride.


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