Hong Kong Hyperspace II

It wasn't more than a few years ago that Star Wars mania seemed to flood Disney parks.  Not just locally in Anaheim or Walt Disney World, but internationally too!  And one of the most common ways that Disneylands around the world seemed to show off their Force sensitivity was retheme Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain--bringing riders along for a Rebel attack against the evil Empire.  It seems a little foolish sending a little rocket off to fight a Star Destroyer--not unlike having a Star Tours leisure vehicle that's surprisingly well armed face off against the Death Star... or Separatist forces... or the First Order.  Actually, come to think about it, I suppose there's a pattern of Disney Star Wars attraction sending ill-equipped guests off to unintentionally battle galactically dastardly forces, isn't there?

The Hyperspace Mountain overlay of Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland, five years ago.


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