The Sea of Dreams

I've often referred to Tokyo Disney Sea as the "Sea of Dreams," because that is the marketing tagline that it presented when the park first opened.  But there's more than just PR wordplay.  Tokyo Disney Sea is truly wondrous--full of vibrant and meticulous detail, incredible atmosphere and placemaking, and sights and sounds that completely transport guests from regular, everyday life to a stirring fantasy.  It is by far the most beautiful theme park in the world, and scenes like this overview of Mediterranean Harbor, with Fortress Explorations and Mount Prometheus lined up and framed, are an excellent example of the majestic views that can be found everywhere.  The park is truly glorious in the literal sense of the word, and every time I edit one of my countless photos I have from my past trips, I find myself swept up in the dreamscape that is this amazing park!

Beautiful Fortress Explorations and Mount Prometheus at Tokyo Disney Sea!


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