Haunts in the Hall

One of my Disney photo dreams would be to be able to wander the grand ballroom of the Haunted Mansion on foot and snap photos of the details and ambiance of the space.  It's such an iconic room, full of wonderful details.  But it's quite challenging to photograph when on the ride, thanks to the moving vehicle, obstructing guardrails, and refraction from the large glass window that plays a part in making the Pepper's Ghost effect come to life (er, death?).  So I don't really have many photos that I'm entirely happy with in this space.  I guess it just means I have to keep working on it?  And also, I'll need to check out the new additions that have been made to the ride during the time Disneyland was closed!

Two of the 999 Happy Haunts hanging out on the grand ballroom chandelier.


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