Waterfront at the American Waterfront

Tokyo Disney Sea is the most beautiful theme park in the world, and the Tokyo Disney Resort is the busiest Disney Resort of them, with crowds often so large that they'd make a holiday at Disneyland Anaheim seem tame in comparison.  But if you know where to look, there are areas where the park is much more peaceful and calm, and you can steal away to just relax and take in the view.  This little nook of the American Waterfront, near the station of the Disney Sea Electric Railway, is one example.  With no real attractions particularly close (other than the aforementioned transportation ride) and no restaurant or shop too close either, it's more of a transitory space that functions purely as ambiance.  And indeed, the atmosphere here is lovely and tranquil--almost feeling like a mix of a Scandinavian and Atlantic seaboard waterfront than something that screams "theme park."  Yes, even in its more understated areas, Tokyo Disney Sea still conjures up a certain sense of romance and enchantment.  What a truly marvelous park this is!

A relaxing waterfront offers a rare bit of respite from the rest of bustling Tokyo Disney Sea!


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