Afternoon at the Cape II

Tokyo Disney Sea is home to extravagance, grandeur, beauty, and vibrance, but amidst all the splendor, there are also areas of calm and tranquility, evoking a charming nostalgia from yesteryear.  The Cape Cod part of the American Waterfront is probably the most prominent example of this.  Recreating the New England seaside, it's a picture of Atlantic Americana--a portrait of patriotic America stretching back to its founding, Revolutionary times.  It's the sanitized, idyllic version, of course, but that makes sense, because this is a theme park, not a museum.  And the serene setting is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of much of the rest of the park--a bit of an oasis in the Sea of Dreams!

A sunny winter's day at the American Waterfront's Cape Cod neighborhood.


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