In the Space of Time

We finish off our trio of Asian Tomorrowland-set posts with the original Asian Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland.  This park may not be as highly buzzed as its spectacular neighbor, Tokyo Disney Sea, but it's still a fantastic, immaculately maintained, and in some ways, Walt Disney World frozen-in-time relic of a park (in a good way).  The first-ever Disney park in Asia was originally lifted from Florida's Magic Kingdom, with a few moderately mild adjustments.  Although it's finally gotten some expansions recently, for the longest time, Tokyo Disneyland felt like a time capsule of its Orlando cousin--a state of Disney history preserved in timelessness.  The Tomorrowland here still feels like that.  Without much in the way of refurbishments or modernizations, it still retains that 70s/80s aesthetic of what the future might look like.  But it's kind of cool in that manner.  Tokyo Tomorrowland may not really reflect tomorrow at all anymore, but it still presents what once was an idealized view of the future, and that has value too!

Tokyo's Space Mountain bathed in cool blues and light warmth at the end of the night.


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