Entering the Jungle Ruins

Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't have a Jungle Cruise.  Instead, it has a Jungle River Cruise, a similar ride through the waterways of a tropical wilderness, but a little more dramatic and certainly less campy.  Their water ride also traverses their version of the Rivers of America rather than narrower streams, although there are parts where the jungle setting gets more intimate.  One of the more dramatic moments occurs as the boats navigate through ancient Cambodian ruins that are slowly being reclaimed by nature.  The overgrown foliage ensnaring old monuments presents an imposing sight, and the atmosphere here is pretty darn immersive.  It's one of several momentous parts of the attraction--a unique take on a classic and beloved Magic Kingdom staple!

Entering this ancient Cambodian shrine, which may or may not have been built by ancient Cambodian shriners.


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