Orbitron at the Ready

Hong Kong Disneyland began its life as a near clone of the original Disneyland, and though it's greatly expanded since then, the original heart of the park still bears similar resemblances to its classic inspirations.  This is true even when the aesthetics aren't actually matching.  Take Tomorrowland, for example, which features many of the same elements as Anaheim's version but features more organic curves, open plaza spaces, and a less rigid organization and circulation.  And yet, here too, the flying rockets ride is located at the front of the land, greeting visitors coming in off The Hub.  And though Space Mountain isn't directly visible from the entrance of Anaheim's tomorrowland, guests always know it's just beyond, so here too, Space mountain beckons in the distance--though actually visible in Hong Kong.  These little mixes of similarities and differences make Hong Kong Disneyland an intriguingly fascinating park, and one that is still worth exploring, even if its neighbors in Tokyo and Shanghai steal more of the spotlight.

Hong Kong Disneyland's Orbitron stands at the head of its Tomorrowland, similar to Disneyland's Astro Orbiters.


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