Big Thunder Dusk

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the iconic and classic attractions in Disney lore, and to this day, it still presents a thrilling, photogenic, and immersive ride, no matter which park it's located in.  The one at Disneyland Anaheim is the original, though and it's still a crown jewel.  Though there are a variety of great vantagepoints of the ride, my probable favorite is still the final turnaround after the last lift hill and drop, where it careens around a corner and through a tunnel before briefly straightening out, prior to its final dip past the dinosaur fossils.  Although that last part is probably the most famous image of the ride, this one below seems tailor-made for a great frame, with water, sky, trees, and sandstone surrounding the mine train tracks.  It's a gorgeous sight, day or night!

Big Thunder Mountain at night, but with enough blue hour to make the sky still appear like day.


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