Fountains to Tomorrow

It has now been over fifteen months since I've been to Disneyland, and though the parks are now back open with much-removed restrictions and a move to increasing capacity, I'm still in no hurry to go back while high demand under the reservation system and the high cost of the current single-ticket pricing structure are in place.  That means more delving into past photos for new posts, and this image I took back in 2015 caught my eye as I was flipping through my catalog.  

I remember this night of shooting, when I strolled around the garden area between The Hub and Tomorrowland to find different angles that might offer interesting compositions.  This frame, highlighting noticeable elements in the foreground, midground, and background, with the trees serving as a sort of guiding boundary, felt like a suitable perspective.  In addition to the challenge of balancing the bright highlights of the fountain radiance with the moody shadows of the landscaping elements, I also had a variety of colors to balance.  The result isn't necessarily a magnificent moneyshot, but I do find it to be an intriguing photograph that sort of leads one's eyes across the scene and into the background, almost beckoning the viewer to move closer into the land of Tomorrow.

Does this image feel as evocative to you as it does to me?

The illuminated fountains in front of Pixie Hollow also serve as a watery foreground to the futuristic grandeur of Tomorrowland beyond.


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