Pier Thirty-MINE

Walt Disney Studios may not have as many highlights as other Disney parks, given its comparatively sub-par theming and ambiance, but it does have Crush Coaster, one of the most fun Disney attractions around.  This mostly-indoor spinning wild mouse roller coaster is themed to Finding Nemo and offers a trip through the E.A.C., and it's constantly popular.  Besides the ride itself, one of my favorite parts of the experience is inside at the loading station, which takes on the appearance of a dock, with none other than a trio of familiar squawkers perched on a sign atop a seaside shack.  Yes, those sea gulls are here to survey the scene, and they occasional burst into that lovingly hilarious refrain of "MINE!" to claim what is their's... or at least call it out.  It's a silly bit of detailing, but I love it so much, and it just makes for a wonderful prelude to an excellent ride!

Familiar sea gulls perch on a sign at the station of Crush Coaster.


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