Fun Fair Flyers

Flik's Flyers is a novel twist on the old "balloon flight" rotating amusement park attraction.  Set inside A Bug's Land, these spinning carriages are pieced together from various over-sized human discards, showcasing the intrepid ant's ingenuity.  Designed for kids, welcome to adults, it's a whimsical ride in a land that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Flik's Flyers, with the Tower of Terror in the background.
Also, if you're a user on Instagram, I finally joined the bandwagon under the user name "disphotoblography" ("disneyphotoblography" was apparently already taken).  It's a shameless method of self promotion, but once I start using it when I'm at the parks, you'll see "exclusive" content that won't appear on this blog!  (In other words, if I take photos from the Resort from my phone that are especially nice, they'll wind up on Instagram.)


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