Evening at the Oasis

Right next to the exit of the Jungle Cruise, there's a little seating area beside the entrance to the old Aladdin's Oasis area.  It's not really an area I visit or notice much, but the other night, while exiting the Jungle Cruise, I was drawn to the simple beauty of this little courtyard-like space at night.  Pacing around, I found a particular angle I liked, set my camera down, zoomed my lens out wide, and snapped a few shots.  Pleased with the unexpected brightness, I played around, and the result is this photo.  It speaks to the spirit of adventure and the romanticism of the jungle, calm and majestic, but brimming with unknown excitement.  Plus, all the colors made for a really pretty composition!

Some play with overexposure results in this gorgeous and colorful scene next to Aladdin's Oasis.


  1. Cool picture. I like how you angled the camera for this shot. It is such a clear night you can actually see some stars!


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